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princelrich 07-09-2013 09:59 PM

recovery error
every time i use my recover in launcher its always said "file cannot be found, exit the program and try again (10004). in the process i saw many invalid files on datamodel.

and then when i go directly to the root folder and run the recovery it said "recovery information cannot be verified. exit the program and try again (10001).

i cant play raiderz! what else should i do? re download?

meh if thats the only option then goodbye raiderz.

justawitness 07-09-2013 10:05 PM

You'd rather just quit then redownload?
Just try redownloading it will probably solve the issue

sniperboy3 07-23-2013 12:16 PM

I also have a problem with the recovering
I also got the same problem but every sollution you guys say doesnt work for me i also uninstalled and reinstalled like 3 times and it stil says file can not be found etc i also copied the installer and the data from my brothers pc to mine and he can play it. i also dont see any events. and when i just press start it goes up to the gameguard logo and it says autenticate at the right top of my screen and then it just does nothing please i really want to play this game.

johnniels 07-31-2013 03:54 PM

I am also quitting Raiderz because I have wasted 50+GB of my 300GB monthly bandwidth cap. I keep getting invalid files and the recovery system doesn't work and gives me "File cannot be found. Exit the program and try again (10004)" This game used to work every time but it looks like PW has put all their effort towards Neverwinter.

kiritokyil 08-02-2013 04:00 PM

try this... it's working perfectly for me
Geez~ manage to play this again...

1. Uninstall the Old RaiderZ if it's existed
2. Install the RaiderZ_Installer_20130522 but DONT LUNCH YET THE GAME ITSELF
3. Go to your RaiderZ Folder (default C:\Perfect World Entertainment\RaiderZ)
and use the Recovery.exe (Red Cross Logo)
4. After successfully recover/download some Invalid Files you can now launch the
Raiderz Launcher.exe
5. Complete the Patching and Start Playing...

cesaralcaraz 08-05-2013 03:26 PM

Can anybody help me with this please????

i dont know what to do :(. already reinstalled the game and did the recovery thing but nothing solved the problem.

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